Membership Overview

Branch associate members are bank branches located in Illinois that are owned by out-of-state community banks deemed eligible for membership by their respective state community banking association and the CBAI Board of Directors.

Branch associate members may access our regularly maintained membership list, and are afforded access to and member pricing for educational seminars, meeting attendance (including our Convention, Career Development Division Conferences, Tech Conference and Group Meetings), plus advertising. They also receive Banknotes, our bi-monthly magazine, and a copy of the Illinois Financial Institutions Directory & Fact Book. CBAI members receive bi-annual Associate Member Directories in which associate member firms are listed, and associate members also receive complimentary listings on our web site and in the Illinois Financial Institutions Directory & Fact Book (they may purchase display advertising in it at special, lower pricing). Associate members can also purchase advertising banners on the CBAI web site.

Branch associate member dues are based on the branch’s deposits times a factor of 1.2, with an $1,300/year minimum, assessed annually, prorated from December 1. The CBAI board of directors has final approval on all membership applications.

How to Apply

To apply for branch associate membership or if you have any questions, please contact the CBAI Department of Communications at 217/529-2265 or 800/736-2224 or