Associate Membership Overview

CBAI associate members range from representatives of companies which provide bank-related products, to state and regulatory officials. Associate members may access CBAI's regularly maintained membership list and are afforded access to and member pricing for educational seminars, meetings (including Convention, Career Development Division Conferences, Tech Conferences and Group Meetings), plus advertising. Associate members also receive Banknotes, a bi-monthly magazine, and a copy of the Illinois Financial Institutions Directory & Fact Book. CBAI member banks receive bi-annual Associate Member Directory link via email, in which associate member firms are listed, and associate members also receive listings on the CBAI web site and in the Illinois Financial Institutions Directory & Fact Book (they may purchase display advertising in it at special, lower pricing). Associate members can also purchase advertising banners on the CBAI web site.

CBAI associate member dues are $1,300 per year, prorated from December 1. The CBAI board of directors has final approval on all membership applications. A reference form and company brochure or other information should accompany membership applications. For more information, contact Valerie Johnston at 217/529-2265 (800/736-2224 in IL).

We’re ready to help you succeed as a provider of quality services to community banks.

Benefits of Associate Membership:


  • You receive a CBAI member list free upon joining (lists are not provided to non-members).
  • CBAI will also provide you with mailing lists at discounted member rates ($100 value).
  • You can attend annual Group Meetings (held in May and June throughout Illinois) where more than 750 bankers from 200 banks mix and mingle (members only).
  • You can participate in the CBAI Annual Convention (held each September at four-star locations) attended by 300 officers and directors from 150 community banks throughout Illinois.


  • Upon joining CBAI, your name and description of your company will appear in CBAI’s bi-monthly magazine, Banknotes, which is mailed to more than 2,500 officers and directors of more than 300 CBAI member banks.
  • CBAI Associate Members will also be listed in CBAI’s annual Illinois Financial Institutions Directory and Fact Book, an invaluable resource for CBAI members.
  • You will be listed in the CBAI Associate Member Directory, published semi-annually and distributed to all members by email and via our website.
  • You can exhibit your products and services during the CBAI Annual Convention among 300 decision-making officers and directors at member rates ($1,000 savings).
  • You are invited to submit educationally oriented articles for Banknotes.
  • You may submit proposals to CBAI to conduct training at association educational events.


  • You are invited to attend our second-to-none quality training programs at special member rates.
  • Learn first-hand the functional concerns of bank presidents, directors, operation officers, lending officers, and compliance officers.


  • You receive a free subscription to Banknotes, our award-winning magazine widely read by thousands of community bank officers and directors ($36 value).
  • You receive CBAI’s Illinois Financial Institutions Directory and Fact Book which lists all financial institutions in Illinois ($125 value).

Advertising Discounts/Options

  • You receive a discount on ads placed in Banknotes.
  • You can place ad banners on our web site (available only to associate members).
  • You will enjoy member discounts on ads placed in the Illinois Financial Institutions Directory and Fact Book.


  • When CBAI members need a product or service, many seek out and contact those firms that support the cause of community banking as CBAI Associate Members.

How to Apply

To apply for associate membership, contact Valerie Johnston at 217/529-2265 or 800/736-2224.

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