What is Community Banking Week?

This event is held annually the first week of April to coincide with National Community Banking Month. We know that your bank is involved in community service projects year-round. This week-long campaign will bring together the efforts of the Illinois banking industry to show our impact and involvement in the state. We invite all members to participate in this effort to emphasize how much the Illinois banking industry supports it's communities.

Here's How Your Bank Can Celebrate:

  • First:  Obtain your free marketing materials.  You can do so by contacting Valerie Johnston or Bobbi Watson at 217/529-2265 or 800/736-2224.
  • Second:  Announce your events.  Get the word out by sending press releases, email communications, and last but not least, posting on social media.
  • Third:  Celebrate! There are so many ways you can celebrate Community Banking Week.  Just have fun with it!

If you have any questions, contact Valerie Johnston at 217/529-2265 or 800/736-2224.