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Banknotes, the official publication of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI) since 1975, represents the interests of Illinois community bankers and their directors. Published bi-monthly, it reaches more than 3,000 interested individuals. Timely information on legislative and regulatory issues, Association events, educational offerings, and products and services make Banknotes valuable to community bankers. Feature articles by leading experts further enhance readership.

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Award-winning Banknotes is the premier professional trade journal for community bankers and other related professionals in Illinois. As the profession's official trade journal for the Community Bankers Association of Illinois, Banknotes reflects community banking's highest standards and reinforces the organization's professional image.


A one-year's subscription (six issues) is $36. To subscribe, click here to complete the Banknotes Subscription Order Form and make check payable to CBSC.

Mail subscription order form at the address below, or fax it to 217/585-8738.

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Directors' Series

CBAI periodically introduces Banknotes readers to directors of CBAI member banks. We’re looking for bank directors who have an interesting occupation, hobby, or life story, or who became associated with banking in a noteworthy fashion. Please contact Valerie Johnston, CBAI Banknotes editor, with your story ideas. Or you can call her at 800/736-2224.

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