CBAI Webinars: More Locations, Faster Delivery

CBAI will continue to monitor the community banking industry to bring your bank new and relevant topics. As always, all our webinars can be accessed from anywhere. CBAI will continue to be here for you! You will be able to access our live webinars from three different locations at no additional cost to your bank. Also, our on-demand webinars will be available for viewing 48 hours after the live webinar takes place.

2020 Webinar Series

On-Demand Webinars Available:

Please see full list of webinar trainings below. Click on the title below to see more details for each session and/or register online.
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11/30/2020Handling Formal & Informal Trust AccountsWebinarWEB113020
12/1/2020Avoiding BSA Compliance ViolationsWebinarWEB120120
12/2/2020Annual Loan Review: Consumer, Commercial & ResidentialWebinarWEB120220
12/3/2020Using Notary & Corporate Seals AccuratelyWebinarWEB120320
12/8/2020Recent Reg CC Changes: Lessons Learned & Future OutlookWebinarWEB120820
12/9/2020Legal Issues Surrounding Subpoenas & SummonsesWebinarWEB120920
12/10/2020The Top IRA Secure Act & COVID Rule ChangesWebinarWEB121020
12/11/2020Top 10 Year-End Lending Issues & FAQsWebinarWEB121120
12/14/2020Major Changes to Fair Debt Collection Practices ActWebinarWEB121420
12/15/2020Avoiding Loan Denial MistakesWebinarWEB121520
12/16/2020Year-End BSA Issues: FAQ Guidance, Enforcement ActionsWebinarWEB121620
12/17/2020How to Review Legal Documents: POAs, Trusts GuardianshipsWebinarWEB121720
1/6/2021Providing Provisional Credit Under Reg EWebinarWEB010621
1/7/2021Uniform Residential Loan Application: Deadline 3/1/21WebinarWEB010721
1/12/2021Creating or Revising Work from Home PoliciesWebinarWEB011221
1/14/2021IRA & HSA Update: Key Considerations for 2021WebinarWEB011421
1/20/2021Flood Insurance Rules, Best Practices & LiabilityWebinarWEB012021
1/21/2021Call Report Update 2021WebinarWEB012121
1/26/2021Work from Home Record Retention RulesWebinarWEB012621
1/27/2021Calculating Cash Flow from Corporate Tax ReturnsWebinarWEB012721