CBAI has professional lobbyists, a legal counsel and paralegal specializing in banking law who have only one constituency to serve - Illinois community banks. CBAI works tirelessly to advocate the cause of community banking, both in Springfield and Washington, D.C. CBAI has initiated and successfully guided through the legislative process numerous bills which benefit community banks. Each year, several bills are analyzed and tracked by CBAI Governmental Relations Team. CBAI takes an influential position on all bills related to banking, testifying when necessary.

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The Call On Washington is CBAI’s annual lobbying trip to D.C. where Illinois community bankers express their positions on important issues to their Members of Congress. Unfortunately, this year’s Call on Washington has been cancelled due to the issues surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

Despite this disappointment, the CBAI Government Relations team is actively engaged in addressing your concerns about serving serve your customers and communities in these stressful times. At the Federal level, we are in daily (sometimes multiple times a day) contact with each of the regulators and members of the entire Illinois Congressional Delegation discussing what they can do to support community banks. We are also communicating to you, our members, about all of the latest and most relevant information related to these many issues.

CBAI’s face-to-face advocacy efforts will resume just as soon as possible and we look forward to a returning to the opportunities and challenges we face under normal circumstances. In the interim, we are planning necessary alternatives, to keep you involved in the government relations process and in keeping our legislators and regulators informed about the new challenges that you, your customers and communities are facing.

Illinois community bankers are resilient and resourceful and CBAI’s Governmental Relations team is here to help.

If you need to contact us during the COVID-19 crisis, please email us, Governmental Relations Team.



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