Managed IT Services

BankOnITUSA - A CBSC Marketing Partner since 2013 AND CBAI VENDOR OF THE YEAR 2017

BankOnITUSA was the idea a group of bankers had as a way for banks to gain more capabilities and have greater confidence with Information Technology. Issues such as security, reliability and scalability can be problem areas for banks. BankOnITUSA helps banks have more capabilities and gain confidence so that they are spending less time dealing with IT problems and spending more time being bankers.

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About Community BancService Corporation, Inc.

A subsidiary of Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI), CBSC aggregates the “clout” of CBAI member banks to negotiate lower costs and provide improved access to essential bank products and services. CBSC recommends products and services that assist banks with income-production, expense reduction, consulting, marketing, compliance, equipment, insurance, lending, A/L management and payments. Before the CBSC board of directors awards any program an exclusive partnership, it is subjected to a rigorous due diligence review that includes extensive testing by members, occasionally by independent experts, and negotiation of special member-only benefits. This process typically takes up to six months.

Today, CBAI members use an average of more than five CBSC preferred providers. Last year, members collectively saved nearly $ 1.5 million in purchasing discounts from CBSC-recommended firms. Contact CBSC today and share in the savings.