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 Associate Member Directory

The CBAI Associate Member Directory is mailed twice annually to approximately 1,300 individuals: main bank contacts, purchasing agents, members of the CBAI Career Development Division, associate member firms, and others.

It’s a vital resource for those looking for vendors to solve their purchasing and consulting needs. The Directory is divided into three sections:

                •             By category of business/product/service;

                •             Alphabetical by firm name; and

                •             Preferred services of Community BancService Corporation (CBSC), a division of CBAI.

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Opportunity to target CBAI Members

The purpose of this brochure is to assist our partners in determining how best to utilize their associate memberships in CBAI and, more importantly, to reach the CBAI member bankers. Additionally, it may help you to more efficiently allocate your budget throughout the year. Please note that rates are subject to change. Also, as the year goes along, opportunities may be added. It’s our sincere hope that this document is helpful. If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Johnston, CBAI SVP Communications.


Banknotes, the offical publication of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI) since 1975, represents the interests of Illinois community bankers and their directors. Published bi-monthly, it reaches more than 3,000 interested individuals. Timely information on legislative and regulatory issues, Association events, educational offerings, and products and services make Banknotes valuable to community bankers. Feature articles by leading experts further enhance readership.

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Award-winning Banknotes is the premier professional trade journal for community bankers and other related professionals in Illinois.

As the profession's offical trade journal for the Community Bankers Association of Illinois, Banknotes reflects community banking's highest standards and reinforces the organization's professional image.

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A one-year's subscription (six issues) is $36. To subscribe, click here to complete the Banknotes Subscription Order Form and make check payable to CBSC.

Mail subscription order form at the address below, or fax it to 217/585-8738.

Banknotes Editor
901 Community Drive
Springfield, IL 62703-5184



CBAI periodically introduces Banknotes readers to directors of CBAI member banks. We’re looking for bank directors who have an interesting occupation, hobby, or life story, or who became associated with banking in a noteworthy fashion.

Please contact Valerie Johnston, CBAI Banknotes editor, with your story ideas. Or you can call her at 800/736-2224.


Directory of Illinois Financial Institutions annually provides complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about financial services in Illinois. It contains detailed listings of officers, directors, and balance sheets of all Illinois banks and thrifts; complete information on all Illinois-based holding companies; and detailed listings for credit unions ($5 million or more in assets). Who's who and what's where - name, address, city, and zip code, plus transit, phone, and fax numbers — down to the dollar signs and decimal points.

CBAI Members annually receive a complimentary issue. To purchase additional issues of the Directory of Illinois Institutions, call Bank News Media at 800/336-1120 or go to

Cost of Directory is $50 for CBAI members and $100 for non-members.

Also available online, on cd, or in e-book form.  Click here for order form.


Detailed information about the Community Bankers Association of Illinois is provided. 


Products and services, activities, educational offerings, and governmental representation are included.


A useful, one-stop resource of important suppliers for Illinois financial institutions organized by product and service classification, with addresses, phone numbers, and key contact persons.


Opportunities include display ads throughout the Directory, plus in the Buyers' Guide section. Additionally, firms may place one listing or multiple listings within the Buyers' Guide. Click here for rate card.


 CBAI Free 2019 Holiday Signs


Print holiday signs as a free CBAI member benefit. All signs are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, visit to download a free version of this reader.

Signs look best in color, but for those who only have a black and white printer, we have included a black and white version for each sign.

English - Color Spanish - Color
English - Black & White Spanish - Black & White

 2019 E-Newsletters and Archived Issues

Our E-Newsletter is distributed bi-weekly to nearly 3,500 individuals involved in community banking, CBAI’s E-Newsletter delivers timely information on banking and economic issues as well as updates on CBAI programs and services for member institutions. The CBAI E-Newsletter is a free service to all CBAI member banks and associate member firms.

Interested in advertising or would you like to subscribe to CBAI's E-Newsletter? Please contact Stacy Workman at 217/529-2265.

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 Guide to Orgranizing a New Bank in Illinois

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