Key Contact Banker Program

CBAI’s Key Contact Banker Program helps maintain an effective and ongoing grassroots communications network between bankers and their local legislators. One of the best ways to influence the outcome of legislation is grassroots support from community bankers across the state. Many community bankers are neighbors, friends, customers, or service-providers of local lawmakers. CBAI's Key Contact Banker Program plays an important role when issues important to community banking come before the Illinois General Assembly and the United States Congress. This grassroots network helps convince lawmakers that support for our positions is in the best interest of their constituents. This Program encourages key community bankers to call or write lawmakers when called upon over the course of the legislative session.

To become a CBAI Key Contact Banker, please click here!

If you have any questions regarding CBAI’s Key Contact Banker Program, please contact Jessie Schmidt at 800/736-2224.