Community BancPac

It's Time to Support Community Banking Through Community BancPac

What is Community BancPac?

Community BancPac is a non-partisan statewide political action committee of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI) that seeks to elect both challengers and incumbent state lawmakers who support community banking and strive to maintain safety and soundness standards for the banking profession. 

Who Can Contribute?

YOU! Also, corporate contributions can be made by state banks and bank holding companies (regardless of the charters of their bank subsidiaries). Although nationally-chartered institutions are prohibited from making corporate contributions, individuals associated with national banks may personally contribute. Officers, directors, staff, and friends may make personal contributions at any time.

How Are Donations Distributed?

The CBAI Governmental Relations staff, with the advice of CBAI leaders and Community BancPac officers, decide how to allocate the funds to best serve the community banking profession based on their knowledge of the candidates. Community BancPac also invites contributing CBAI members to recommend candidates for financial support. Community BancPac often coordinates with CBAI members to attend the fund raising events of local candidates to build grassroots relationships.

"Public sentiment is everything.  With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed."
-Abraham Lincoln
August 21, 1858

Please contact CBAI's Department of Governmental Relations with any questions at 217/529-2265.

With your continued support, Community BancPac helps maintain the only independent voice exclusively representing the interests of Illinois community banks in the Illinois General Assembly.

Why Should I Contribute?

CBAI initiates legislation each session that helps community banks build profitability and operate safely and soundly. CBAI also works to defeat legislation deemed harmful to community banks.

Every year, competitor interest groups, regulatory agencies, and consumer groups initiate legislation affecting the banking profession in Illinois. In addition, the big banks have representation not just from their trade associations, but also from in-house representation and counsel. They also administer their own political action committees to influence policymakers.

How Much Should I Give?

Community BancPac has established “Fair Share Guidelines” according to bank asset size in response to the most common question, “How much should I contribute?” These are recommended donation amounts. NO donation is too small!

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Fair share guidelines

Recommended Corporate Contributions

(State Bank and/or Bank Holding Company)
Asset Size Contribution
$15M and Under $ 500
$15-30M $ 750
$31-50M $1,000
$51-99M $1,200
$100-249M $1,500
$250-349M $2,500
$350-499M $3,500
$500-999M $4,500
$1000M and over $5,500

Corporate Contribution Levels

$1000 or more
$750 - $999
$500 - $749
Under $500

Personal Contribution Levels

(Officers, directors, staff, and other friends)
Chairman's Club $500
President's Club $300
Capitol Club $150
Executive Club $100
Director's Club $ 50

Corporate and personal contributions can be combined to reach your bank's fair share. Fair share guidelines represent suggested contribution amounts. No contribution is too small!


Q: Do my dues include PAC donations?
A: No. The association is prohibited by law from doing so.

Q: What is the CEO Challenge?
A: The CEO Challenge recognizes those CEO’s who have gained 100% participation in BancPac donations from their bank officers and/or directors. All qualifying CEOs will have their names placed in a drawing for a prize to be awarded at the annual CBAI convention.

Q: When should I give?
A: The accounting year runs from July 1 to June 30 in conjunction with CBAI’s fiscal year. Contributors are listed in CBAI’s Annual Report. The Top Ten and other distinguished contributors are honored at the awards and recognition event during the annual CBAI convention.

Q: Are donations deductible?
A: PAC contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes.

Community BancPac contributions are reported to the State Board of Elections. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois, is or will be available upon request. State law requires political committees to use best efforts to collect and report the name, occupation, and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $500 per calendar year.