Senator Durbin Co-Sponsors Terminating Bailouts for Taxpayer Fairness Act

CBAI congratulates Illinois Senator Richard Durbin for co-sponsoring the Terminating Bailouts for Taxpayer Fairness Act of 2013 (S. 798).

The TBTF Act seeks to end federal subsidies and funding advantages for financial firms larger than $500 billion in assets and to end government distortions of the financial markets that foster incentives for risky behavior by Wall Street megabanks while taxpayers bear the brunt of the risk. The TBTF Act also seeks to prohibit U.S. regulators from implementing Basel III capital requirements and offers additional regulatory relief aimed directly at community banks.

CBAI encourages all Illinois community banks to thank Senator Richard Durbin by calling his office at 1-202-224-2152. Simply tell the person who answers the phone, your name, the name and location of your bank, and that you are calling to thank Senator Durbin for co-sponsoring the Brown-Vitter Terminating Bailouts for Taxpayer Fairness Act (S.798).

If you prefer to send an e-mail to his financial service staff member with this message, please send your e-mail to (NOTE- there is an underscore _ between corey and tellez).

We appreciate your reaching out to Senator Durbin to thank him for co-sponsoring this legislation. Ending too-big-to-fail is CBAI’s #1 Federal Policy Priority.