Illinois House Approves Bill to Remove Duplicative ATM Signs

Last Thursday, the Illinois House of Representatives approved HB 183 (Lang/Mulroe) and sent the bill to the Senate. CBAI introduced HB 183 to amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act to remove the requirement to disclose fees on a physical sign on an ATM terminal. Last December, Congress passed and President Obama signed H.R. 4367 to delete the duplicative signage requirement from the Federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act. CBAI introduced HB 183 to mirror the federal action.

HB 183 passed the House Financial Institutions Committee 12-0-0 on February 19, and passed the House Floor 102-13-1 last Thursday. Senator John Mulroe will be the chief bill sponsor in the Illinois Senate. CBAI would like to thank Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang for quickly and successfully moving the bill through the Illinois House.