How Will Basel III Impact Your Community Bank?

August 30, 2012

Basel III is an important new regulatory challenge facing your community bank. Although the regulators have given additional time to submit comments, these proposed rules are complex and interrelated. They require time to assess the impact on your community bank.

CBAI staff attended a recent webinar on the impact of Basel III offered by CB Resources. We found the webinar and accompanying materials to be useful in our understanding of Basel III. While CB Resources is not an associate member of CBAI, and we do not officially endorse the webinar, you may want to consider attending on September 6, 2012 (noon to 1:30 Central Time). The cost is $300.00. Here is the link to their webinar registration site.

Even if you chose not to attend the webinar, CB Resources is making their publication CB Journal available free of charge with their analysis of Basel III. Here are the links to their Journal (Special Series part one and two, with more to follow in mid-September).