CBAI Endorses Wubben and Estes for ICBA State Delegates

The CBAI Board of Directors voted to endorse Bill Wubben of Apple River State Bank and Mike Estes of The Fisher National Bank for ICBA State Delegate in Districts 1 and 2, respectively. As former CBAI chairmen, both Bill and Mike are highly qualified to represent the interests of community banks on the ICBA Board of Delegates.

Ballots have been distributed to all ICBA member institutions in Illinois October 1 and must be received by the ICBA on or before October 15. CBAI urges all ICBA members in District 1 to vote for Bill Wubben, and all ICBA members in District 2 to vote for Mike Estes. If elected, their three-year terms will commence next March. Read Bill Wubben Letter. Read Mike Estes Letter.