CBAI Again Urges Call Report Relief

In a comment letter dated August 28, 2017, CBAI again urged the OCC, FDIC and the Federal Reserve (Agencies) to provide meaningful Call Report regulatory relief for community banks. CBAI’s letter was in response to the Agencies proposed revisions primarily related to deleting or consolidating items, raising certain thresholds, and reducing the reporting frequency for several items. However, these changes will impact only 7% of Call Report data items. This is certainly not meaningful regulatory relief for community banks and the Agencies were urged to do significantly more.

In addition, CBAI urged the Agencies to increase the asset exemption threshold for Eligible Institutions to a minimum of $10 billion so that all community banks will be eligible for Call Report relief. Finally, CBAI urged the Agencies to implement a true short-form or streamlined Call Report which would be available to well-capitalized and highly-rated community banks for the first and third quarters of the year and that this Call Report should consist only of a simple the balance sheet, income statement, and changes in capital. Read Comment Letter.