CBAI Thanks Congressman Hultgren for Pressing Regulators on Call Report Regulatory Relief

RandyHultgrenCBAI thanks Illinois Congressman Randy Hultgren (R-14th) for leading a Member Letter to the banking regulators questioning their reluctance to provide meaningful Call Report regulatory relief. Congressman Hultgren reiterated the purpose of his legislation, the Community Bank Reporting Relief Act (H.R. 4500), which would require the Agencies to issue regulations allowing for a short-form call report for highly-rated and well-capitalized community banks to use for the first and third quarter. In the Member Letter, Congressman Hultgren put forth specific questions regarding the regulator's objections and concerns to implementing a short-form report. Read Member Letter.

CBAI has been a strong proponent of Call Report regulatory relief. In an October 14th detailed comment letter, CBAI urged the regulators to provide additional Call Report regulatory relief for well-capitalized and highly-rated community banks under $10 billion in assets. This was the latest in a series of CBAI initiatives supporting Call Report relief dating back to support for an ICBA petition in August of 2014, an EGRPRA comment letter to FFIEC in September of 2014, and a comment letter to FFIEC in November of 2015. Read CBAI’s Comment Letter to the Regulators.

November 16, 2016