CBAI Urges Regulators to Reduce Call Report Burden

In a comment letter dated November 12, 2015, CBAI responded to the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Office of Comptroller of the Currency regarding a FFIEC-approved proposal, and called for meaningful regulatory relief for community banks by streamlining the Call Report and providing a short-form version of the Call Report for the quarters ending March and September.

Regulatory relief for community banks must be the Agencies number one priority. Regulatory burden has increased as a result of the financial crisis and the resulting avalanche of regulation is causing community bankers to focus more on regulatory compliance than serving their customers and communities. The Agencies' current efforts at meaningful regulatory relief are insufficient and much more needs to be accomplished. Every opportunity needs to be embraced by the Agencies to reduce the massive and growing regulatory burden on community banks including Call Report regulatory relief. Read Comment Letter.