These 90-minute seminars have become one of the most popular training delivery systems among community bankers. Webinars allow unlimited participation at the bank via telephone and online visuals as the presentation is delivered. Banks may also purchase the on-demand link, which provides access to the audio, visuals, and handouts for six-months after the webinar for viewing as many times as desired.

NOTE: Events are not currently available for online registration due to our upcoming system conversion.  To register for these events, please print the corresponding registration form and email to: or fax (217-585-8738) your registration form to CBAI.  You may also mail your completed form to CBAI (901 Community Drive Springfield, IL 62703) directly with a check for payment. Any questions please contact the Education Department at 800/736-2224.  Thank you!


12/11/2019 - The Changing Face of BSA Administration: What BSA Officers & Management Must Know - View Brochure

12/12/2019 - Safe Deposit Issues: Delinquency, Death & Abandonment - View Brochure

12/17/2019 - Securing Collateral: How to Complete & File UCC­1 Financing Statements - View Brochure

12/18/19 - Marijuana HR Policy & Best Practices: Handling Employee Medical & Recreational Use - View Brochure

01/07/2020 - Lending to Hemp Businesses, Including Recent USDA Interim Hemp Production Guidance
View Brochure

01/08/2020 - BSA High-Risk Customers: Identifying, Enhanced Due Diligence & Monitoring
View Brochure

01/15/2020 - Incorporating Diversity & Inclusion into Your HR Policies
View Brochure

01/16/2020 - Securing Collateral: How to Complete & File UCC­1 Financing Statements
View Brochure

01/21/2020 - Data-Driven Loan Pricing
View Brochure

01/22/2020 - 2020 IRA & HSA Update, Including Pending & Breaking Legislation
View Brochure

01/23/2020 - Top 10 Issues for the 2019 HMDA Report: Due March 1, 2020
View Brochure

01/29/2020 - Call Report Update 2020
View Brochure

01/30/2020 - Advanced Issues in Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment
View Brochure


 For more information, contact the Education & Special Events Department:

Tracy McQuinn, Senior Vice President Education & Special Events
Melinda McClelland, Vice President Education & Special Events
Jennifer Nika, Vice President Education & Special Events
Tina Horner, Administrative Assistant
Kim Harden, Administrative Assistant
please call 800-736-2224 or 217-529-2265