The Essentials of Collection Law

 If you think getting a reluctant borrower to make payment arrangements on a past due account is your biggest challenge in collections, think again! Recent litigation and enforcement actions have highlighted the immense risk facing the collections function. Besides lending, no operation area has undergone greater regulatory transformation. Both regulators and litigators have been keenly focused on efforts to collect past due accounts and recover collateral. At the heart of the scrutiny is increased emphasis on consumer protection from the CFPB and the rising tide of lender liability lawsuits. From fair lending, to the risks of using automated reminder calls, to servicing real estate loans, it is a dangerous world for the unprepared collections department. This webinar will review the landmines inherent in collection efforts and the impact they have on operations, vendors, and borrowers. Join us to learn immediate action steps to ensure your institution is prepared for the added scrutiny.  (Categories: Collections, Lending)   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!