Developing an Effective Succession Planning Strategy for Management & the Board Webinar

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In today’s rapidly changing environment, engaging in long-term planning is a necessity. Unfortunately, many directors and officers not only find long-term strategic planning somewhat boring, they avoid it altogether. As a result, non-negotiable aspects of the planning process, such as incorporating short-term and long-term succession plans, are overlooked. In the current banking environment, the need for a qualified board of directors and management team is essential to an institution’s success.

This informative session will outline strategic planning techniques that not only meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements, but also make the process enjoyable. This webinar will cover issues such as structuring a planning retreat; current, substantive issues that should be considered in the strategic planning process; and developing individual plans within your strategic plan. It will also address how to plan for succession at all levels of the bank and will offer tips and considerations for effective board and management succession. In addition, it will highlight methods to attract and retain quality employees and discuss compensation issues related to effective succession planning. (Categories: Directors, Senior Management) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!