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The Community Bankers Association of Illinois is the state's only true advocate of community banking. Formed in 1974, CBAI has weathered the changes in banking that have buffeted Illinois since then, emerging as a mature, full-service association for today's community bankers.

CBAI proudly represents approximately 400 Illinois financial institutions and 150 associate members. The Association creates money-saving opportunities for its members and provides first-class educational seminars and schools. Moreover, CBAI professionally lobbies for the Illinois community banker.

CBAI member banks are as diverse as the parts of the state they serve. While some are into their second century of banking, others have just opened their doors. Members come in all sizes, from the smallest banks to those with assets in excess of three billion dollars. Chicago and the collar counties are served by CBAI member banks, as are cities and towns in every Illinois county.

CBAI member banks and associate members share a common belief that community banks must survive due to their role as primary lenders to consumers and the small businesses that create more new jobs than any other sector of our economy.

CBAI exists to:

  • Make Your Voice Heard
  • Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Keep You Informed


How can today's community banker maintain a professional edge over the competition? CBAI offers a multitude of opportunities for members to keep informed and up-to-date.

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CBAI has four full-time professional lobbyists and a legal counsel and paralegal specializing in banking law who have only one constituency to serve - Illinois community banks.

CBAI works tirelessly to advocate the cause of community banking, both in Springfield and Washington, D.C.

CBAI has initiated and successfully guided through the legislative process numerous bills which benefit community banks.

Each year, hundreds of bills are analyzed and tracked by lobbying team. CBAI takes an influential position on all bills related to banking, testifying when necessary.

Throughout the legislative process, community bankers are informed and consulted. As a direct result of the skill of CBAI's respected lobbyists and the grass roots involvement of community bankers across the state, the Association's influence continues to grow. 

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CBAI holds educational forums every other day of the week on average (more than 150 training business days).

One-Day Seminars cover current topics for bankers' continuing education.

The Community Bankers for Compliance Series combines quarterly meetings with a monthly newsletter and telephone access to compliance experts for a valuable banking tool.

The Community Bankers Lending Series consists of one-day seminars, as well as consumer agricultural, residential real estate, and consumer lending institutes.

The Midwest School for Community Bankers provides intensive training and honing of skills for today's competitive banker.

Exclusively for CBAI members,The CEO Forums provide six groups of no more than 12 non-competing CEOs an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss important issues with peers. Two similar in concept Marketing Groups have been established.

Getting the Most from Your Internal Audit Function features three one-day seminars about audit issues, and techniques for maintaining an effective in-house program.

CBAI provides 15 hours of continuing education for renewal of insurance licenses, semi-annually. Programs are certified by the State of Illinois Department of Insurance.

Career Development Division (CDD) looks to the future of community banking through education and peer group interaction for career-aspiring CBAI members.

IRA Training Workshops, co-sponsored by CBAI and Bankers Systems, Inc., cover all aspects of IRAs, from opening the account, to rollovers and distribution.

A Video Training library of 300 professionally- produced videos and PC-based training programs cover all facets of banking at significant discounts to CBAI members.

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The Annual Convention and Exposition highlights quality educational sessions, exhibits, entertainment and recreation.

Group Meetings enable CBAI members to gather periodically to exchange ideas, hear about Association activities, and meet with its leaders and staff.

Two events on CBAI's annual schedule offer first-hand experience with legislators and regulators. During the Spring legislative session, Capital Conference combines hands-on lobbying by members in Springfield with social activities. Decision- makers in the nation's capital are the target of Illinois community bankers during CBAI's Washington Visitation.

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This CBSC Quality Endorsement Seal is your guarantee of comprehensive cost savings and added value for CBAI members only.

More than a dozen firms proudly display the Quality Endorsement Seal and offer discounts on items bankers use every day. Another group of exclusive preferred providers offer professional services to Association members.

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