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There's no place like a community bank. What makes a community bank so extraordinary? For starters, they keep their customers' money in their own backyard, benefiting their neighbors, supporting their local community and helping local businesses thrive. Community banks focus is on assisting others, funding the entrepreneur, the family owned business and the farmer. They serve the people they see at the Friday night football game, the PTA meeting, the local diner and the Sunday church service. They are accountable to their customers. They consider more than the bottom line when making a local credit decision, but also take integrity, character and family history into account. But that is not the only way community banks impact their communities. It's also the Relay for Life team, the little league sponsorship, the financial literacy program at the local high school, the partnerships with local charities and the tremendous community involvement that make community banks like no place else.

Community banks help the people around them achieve their heart's desire, whether it be buying a home, sending a child to college, starting a business or saving for retirement. You won't need a yellow brick road to find these wonderful places, where community bankers use their hearts, brains and courage to make a positive impact on the place they call home.

We are excited to celebrate the special place that is a community bank. So, tap your heels together three times and join us in CBAI's home in Springfield for our 45th Annual Convention & Expo, “There's No Place Like a Community Bank” on September 19-21, 2019.